Guided Joshua Tree Rock Climbing

High desert climbing at our southern sister Joshua Tree National Park.

Orange and yellow sunset above desert terrain and rock formations at Joshua Tree

Climb Joshua Tree with
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Chockstone Climbing Guides offers private guided single day and multi-day trips seasonally at Joshua Tree National Park
Dates: Mid-October through November 2023

Climber rappelling down a rock face in Joshua Tree National Park

Private Climbing with a Joshua Tree Guide

Looking for a Joshua Tree rock climbing guide? Look no further. Our certified guides have extensive knowledge and experience with the area and can tailor your day to your climbing experience and goals. Whether you're an advanced climber or a beginner, Joshua Tree has rock climbing routes suited for all skill levels. The granite boulders and domes make this popular climbing destination a huge playground for climbers of all ages and abilities. Joshua Tree has been a timeless favorite climbing area for climbers with over 8,000 routes across the park. Whether you want to experience the best rock climbing in Joshua Tree, try your hand at trad climbing, or learn new technical skills, we want to be your guides.

Climber high stepping to ascend a steep route at Joshua Tree

Multi Day Trips: Maximize Your Climb

Hire a Chockstone Climbing Guide to maximize your climbing trip. With over 8,000 climbing routes at Joshua Tree, we encourage multi-day trips to experience more than one area of the park. We offer multi-day discounts for those looking for a more extensive climbing excursion.

Joshua Tree offers several beautiful desert campsites that attract climbers and hikers from all over. We are happy to give you pointers on what to bring and making reservations to make sure you're well-prepared ahead of time. A fan-favorite among climbers the Hidden Valley campground, known as the heart and soul of Joshua Tree. If camping is not your thing, that’s okay! There are plenty of great airbnbs in the area that are convenient driving distance from the park.

Climber uses a wedge to grip a rock face while rock climbing at Joshua Tree National Park

Gym to Crag: The Basics of Outdoor Rock Climbing

Are you ready to take your indoor climbing skills outside? Making the transition from gym to crag can be intimidating for those new to trad climbing. Hiring a certified guide can help you feel confident that you are climbing with the best practices in a safe environment. Many of the routes at Joshua Tree are relatively short and have rocks with plenty of grip, making it perfect for Trad climbing beginners. Are you ready to learn to place and clean gear? We want to pass on the skills so that you can confidently take your climbing outside on your own. The park also offers several advanced routes with greater challenges for those looking to refine their skills. Join us on an unforgettable Joshua Tree rock climbing tour!


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Trip Details

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Welcome to our Joshua Tree outdoor rock climbing adventure, where we offer an unforgettable experience for both novice and experienced climbers alike. This tour covers a variety of climbing styles such as sport climbing, crack climbing, and multi-pitch. You'll have the opportunity to challenge yourself and improve your skills while enjoying the breathtaking views of Joshua Tree.

Our experienced guides will lead you through some of the most scenic and challenging routes in the area, ensuring your safety and enjoyment throughout the entire trip. This is one of our most popular rock climbing trips in the Fall due to the mild weather, incredible landscapes, and rich climbing culture of Joshua Tree. Join us on a rock climbing adventure and discover the thrill of conquering the rock face! With over 8,000 climbing routes, Joshua Tree is the perfect destination for beginner and advanced climbers alike!

If you still have questions about our Joshua Tree climbing trip, Smith Rock State Park, or any of our climbing programs please do not hesitate to contact us.

Joshua Tree Rock Climbing

Nestled in Southern California, Joshua Tree National Park is a beacon for rock climbers from all across the country. Its unique desert landscape, mesmerizing granite formations, and traditional-style crack, slab, and steep-face climbing makes it one of the premier rock climbing destinations in the United States. The park has over 8,000 routes made from diverse rock formations offering a variety of challenges for trad climbers. Its deep-rooted climbing history and passionate climbing community have helped establish many traditional-style routes solidifying its reputation as a trad climbing haven. Whether you're learning to climb or want to expand your skills, hiring a guide is a great way to safely and efficiently navigate the park and find the best climbing routes for your goals and ability level. Climb today with a certified Chockstone Guide!

Full Day

1 person $350 a day
2 people $200 per person
3 person $145 a day
4 people $115 per person
5+ people $90 per person
A full day can go up to 8 hours. Most people climb 6 to 8 hours. The full day allows for more time to climb and move to different parts of Joshua Tree National Park. Some climbing goals will require a full day.


1 person $320 a day
2 people $180 per person
3 person $130 a day
4 people $100 per person
5+ people $85 per person
The half-day is designed for those with a limited time commitment, families and younger children. Half days run 4 hrs and we climb at one of the more easily accessible areas in the park to best maximize time on the rock. The curriculum may include basic knots, belaying, movement technique and lots of time on the rock!
Climbing gear

All necessary climbing gear is included. We will provide climbing shoes, harness and helmet at no additional charge. Let us know your gear needs upon reservation. You are welcome to bring your personal climbing gear if you prefer.

Physical ability

We welcome all experience levels at our rock climbing school. No previous climbing experience or special training is required to enjoy a fun, rock climbing experience. Rock climbing is more balance, footwork, leg strength and less emphasis on upper body strength. If it is your first time rock climbing, you need only a general level of fitness similar for any outdoor activity:

  • Comfortable, confident hiking on trails and uneven terrain
  • Comfortable in high desert climate outside for 4-8 hrs
  • We will choose appropriate climbs to suit your needs and ability.
Start times

We do not have set start times. With the half day you choose your 4 hour window. For the full day you decide on a start time with a full day of climbing in mind. Our days start as early as 7:00 am and we can climb until sunset.

Meet up location

You will meet your guide within Joshua Tree National Park. Your guide will contact you the day before your climbing trip to coordinate where you will meet up. Your guide will give you the name of the parking area and share a pin on your cell phone. Joshua Tree entrance fee $30 for 7 days.

Guide Contact

Your guide will contact you by cell phone the day prior to your climbing date to go over details; confirm meet up location and time, review your climbing goals, get gear needs or any information specific to your trip.

Joshua Tree has poor cell service, if you plan to be camping, please let us know to be in touch a few days before to set up coordination.

What to bring
  • Bring water (2 liters minimum each person for hot summer days). Water bottles can be filled at the parking area of Smith Rock State Park.
  • A hearty sack lunch and packable snacks.
    Sunscreen, sunglasses and perhaps a sun hat.
  • A backpack; large enough to include, water, lunch, snacks, as well as personal climbing gear (shoes, harness, helmet). If you do not have a suitable backpack, we can provide one. Let your guide know ahead of time.
  • Extra clothing in case of colder weather. (see below for details).
What to wear

Dress for the season and forecasted weather. Joshua Tree National Park is at a higher elevation than the town of Joshua Tree and can be much cooler.

It is best to be prepared with layers. You may experience a range of temperatures in one day; there can be a big difference from being in the shade to the sun. Dress in a t-shirt, followed by a long sleeve and fleece. Having a warm jacket and warm hat along is important too. You may want to belay in a warm jacket and then shed a layer to climb. You might not need all your layers in the end but it's best to be prepared.

Joshua Tree National Park Entrance Fee
  • A 7 day pass is $30 per vehicle
  • $80 for an annual National Park pass
  • The entrance fee is not included in the price of the guiding
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Our AMGA Accreditation helps assure our clients receive the highest professional standards in our industry.
Our AMGA Accreditation helps assure our clients receive the highest professional standards in our industry.